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In 2001, ISOWA celebrated the 80th Anniversary of the founding of the company. Within the company during that time, the workforce was dominated by robot-like employees who thought things like, "I shouldn't say a word," "I should keep out of other people's work," and "I just have to put up with doing my job" and who did the work they were given in just the way they were told to do it, things that were the exact opposite of the principles for action set up by the company. Under those circumstances, on October 7th of that year, an 80th Anniversary Memorial Lecture was given that became a huge source of motivation in the reformation of our company after that.

90th Anniversary!!

ISOWA celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. We have some commemorative events planned within the company, but before those are held, we decided to send out special catalog gifts, a proposal that came from an idea the president had about wanting to celebrate these 90 years of business with the families who support us employees day by day. Catalog gifts were sent out not only to all the employees but also to members of every single employee's family to fulfill the object of celebrating ISOWA's success with family. We thought that since we were going to be giving out these gifts that it might help spark conversation between family members if we had each person select what gift they wanted themselves, and that's why we decided on this type of gift. Of course, we didn't just give the gifts out to employees at the ISOWA Corporation main office but also included employees of ISOWA group companies and overseas branches and affiliates. Enclosed with the gifts sent out to employee family members was a heartfelt letter of thanks from the company president. These gifts ended up being just perfect for the ISOWA management principal of "Working hard for my own happiness and for the happiness of my beloved family."

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