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In 2001, ISOWA celebrated the 80th Anniversary of the founding of the company. Within the company during that time, the workforce was dominated by robot-like employees who thought things like, "I shouldn't say a word," "I should keep out of other people's work," and "I just have to put up with doing my job" and who did the work they were given in just the way they were told to do it, things that were the exact opposite of the principles for action set up by the company. Under those circumstances, on October 7th of that year, an 80th Anniversary Memorial Lecture was given that became a huge source of motivation in the reformation of our company after that.

The high point of the "Change" is <<Reflectex>>

The biggest "Change" that came about based on an employee's idea would probably have to be <<Reflectex>>. A certain employee who was considering the use of this material, which has a reflectivity of 99%, in his own house but decided against it because of the price thought that using it in the plant might improve the workplace environment for employees. He researched the effects on his own and presented his idea for using it to the company, which resulted in a decision being made to use the material in the assembly plant here at ISOWA.
Reflectix treatment was used on all walls in and over the entire roof of the assembly plant, and we're now able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the plant during both summer and winter with a minimum amount of heating and cooling equipment.
Since then, this employee has been telling visitors to the plant about the technology used and also recommends it to customers whenever he visits a customer site because he wants other people to experience the amazement he felt about how the product works.

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