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@HomeThe Story of Our Changes - Our KAIZEN Story
In 2001, ISOWA celebrated the 80th Anniversary of the founding of the company. Within the company during that time, the workforce was dominated by robot-like employees who thought things like, "I shouldn't say a word," "I should keep out of other people's work," and "I just have to put up with doing my job" and who did the work they were given in just the way they were told to do it, things that were the exact opposite of the principles for action set up by the company. Under those circumstances, on October 7th of that year, an 80th Anniversary Memorial Lecture was given that became a huge source of motivation in the reformation of our company after that.

Family Open House

In autumn of 2008, we here at ISOWA held our first ever Family Open House through the ??MANZOKU Survey Team?? project (Employee Satisfaction Survey Project), implemented in December of the previous year. We always invite customers to view our machines and the inside of our company, but this time, we decided to invite the families of our employees to take a look and find out more about what this company ISOWA is that Dad, Mom, or some other family member works so hard at so they could feel closer to us. A total of more than 550 people came, and it was the biggest event held since the start of ISOWA, with machine test runs, a flea market, and quiz and stamp rally activities, as well as a lot of other attractions and shop stands set up. Of course, we wouldn't be able to hold such a huge event with just the members of the ??MANZOKU Survey Team?? taking charge, and there were a lot of other employees who volunteered their time to work behind the scenes. It ended up being a fun event that everyone, including employees who brought their families, those working behind the scenes, and the members themselves who planned everything, was extremely MANZOKU-ed with.

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