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About this Website

Isowa Corporation ("Isowa") hereby sets the following policies regarding its website ("Isowa Website" or "Our Website") maintained either by Isowa or by Isowafs representative.

Section 1: Definitions

In this document, the following definitions shall be used:

"Our Website," "Our Websites," "Isowa Website" or "Isowa Websites" mean,, and all pages listed under these URLs. @@"Visitor" means anyone accessing Our Websites through the Internet.

Section 2: Policy Applicability and Changes

  1. This policy document applies to use by Isowa or visitors of Our Websites. Visitor is to wholeheartedly conform to this policy document.
  2. Any notice by Isowa posted on other pages of Our Websites, any individualized notice posted elsewhere in Our Websites or any notice given individually to Visitor will constitute part of this policy document. If there are any discrepancies between this policy document and an individual or separate document, the individual or separate document will supersede.
  3. In Our Websites, we list links to other websites run by Isowa, an affiliate company or its representative. When using those linked websites, you must agree to the usage terms of each individual website.
  4. This policy document is subject to be changed on Isowafs judgment without notice to Visitor. In case of such change, the usage terms of Our Websites will be based on the post-change policy document. Such changes will be effective upon notice to email addresses previously recorded with Isowa, a general notice in Our Websites, or through other means deemed appropriate by Isowa.
  5. Isowa will not be responsible for any disadvantage or damage to Visitor that may accompany any such policy change.

Section 3: Visitorfs Status and Limitations

  1. By accessing this website, Visitor agrees to this policy document, thereby obtaining a right to view materials on Our Websites.
  2. Visitor is forbidden from the following:
    1. Any actions that would, or any actions that may, invade a third partyfs or Isowafs property or privacy
    2. Any actions that would, or any actions that may, cause disadvantage or damage to a third party or to Isowa.
    3. Any actions that would interfere with running and maintaining of Our Websties.
    4. Any actions outside of public order and morals.
    5. Any criminal actions or any actions that would—or may—relate to a criminal action.
    6. Any sales activities, any actions with a commercial purpose or any actions that prepare for such actions using Our Websites. However, this will not apply if Isowa has given clear approval to such activity.
    7. Any actions that would—or any actions that may—defame or damage the trust for a third party or Isowa.
    8. Any actions that use or give harmful computer program, such as a computer virus, or any actions that may use or give such harmful computer program.
    9. Any actions that are against any laws, domestic or international or any actions that maybe so. And any actions that Isowa deems is inappropriate.

Section 4: Information posted on Our Websites

Isowa does not guarantee accuracy, newness or effectiveness or anything else regarding information posted on Our Websites.

Also, Isowa may add to, change, revise or delete any information posted on Our Websites without notice to Visitor. Under no circumstances, Isowa will not be responsible for any damage that may have been caused by additions, changes, revisions or deletions of information in Our Websites.

Section 5: Using the URL Links

Isowa will not be responsible for any websites other than Our Websites even if we link to other websites in Our Websites and even if a third party is giving a URL link to Our Websites. In those cases, Isowa is not responsible regarding any contents, advertisements, products, services, etc.included in—or available for use at—such websites. Isowa is also not responsible for any damages that are caused or related to such contents, advertisements, products, services, etc.

When linking to Our Websites, please be sure that our Website will not be shown in a frame inside one of your websitefs pages. Please be sure that our website will be shown in its own window.

Also, any links to Our Websites may become null due to a site configuration or server configuration changes without notice to webmaster of linking websites.

Section 6: Intellectual Property

  1. Although Our Websites list rights regarding trade marks, patents, information, techniques, products, know-how, etc., Isowa does not grant any rights to any of these to Visitor.
  2. Visitor is prohibited from using beyond what is defined as private use in copyright laws, such as duplication, sale, publishing, etc., in any form any information obtained through Our Website without explicit consent from the intellectual property owner.
  3. Visitor is prohibited from using a third party to allow usage and disclosing in any form any information obtained through Our Websites without explicit consent from the intellectual property owner.
  4. Trade marks, Logos and product names developed by ISOWA posted in our websites, are trademarks belonging to ISOWA or its affiliates. Other product and company names are trademarks or proper names by other companies.

Section 7: Liability

  1. Isowa will not be responsible for any damage for Visitor or a third party caused by or related to Our Websitesf change, stoppage, cancellation or closure or generally relating to Our Websites.
  2. If Visitor causes damage to a third party by using Our Webistes, the Visitor is to resolve all issues using own responsibilities and monetary resources and make sure that there are no damages to Isowa in the process. If Visitor causes damage to Isowa by inappropriate or illegal actions or any actions against this policy document, Isowa reserves the right to regain appropriate compensation from the Visitor.

Section 8: Privacy Policy

Handling and maintenance of Visitorfs information obtained by the Visitorfs usage of Our Websites will be in accordance with the Privacy Policy separately set by Isowa.

Section 9: Jurisdiction

Laws of Japan will be used for the complication, effectiveness, implementation and interpretation of this policy document.

Section 10: Litigation

If any litigation arises regarding this policy document, the primary court of law will be the Nagoya District Court (of Japan).