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In 2001, ISOWA celebrated the 80th Anniversary of the founding of the company. Within the company during that time, the workforce was dominated by robot-like employees who thought things like, "I shouldn't say a word," "I should keep out of other people's work," and "I just have to put up with doing my job" and who did the work they were given in just the way they were told to do it, things that were the exact opposite of the principles for action set up by the company. Under those circumstances, on October 7th of that year, an 80th Anniversary Memorial Lecture was given that became a huge source of motivation in the reformation of our company after that.

It's called the "Snot Method"

There probably needs to be a bit of explanation to go with this picture. Here at ISOWA, every single part in the assembly plant has a label that has the part number, part name, number of pieces, and other information for that part written on it for when the part is moved through the plant. But we always had to remove this label whenever we painted parts. After the part was painted, we had to check what part it was and then reattach this label, which was really time-consuming. This new method that's referred to as the "Snot Method" in the picture came about when an employee from the Production Process Control Department noticed that almost every part has a hole or holes in it, such as bolt holes. With the Snot Method, we roll up the label and stick it into one of these holes, and then we can paint the part as is, so there's no longer any need to reattach the label after painting. This method, which is so simple but yet so effective, really impressed Mr. Kakiuchi, the KAIZEN consultant, too.

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