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Designed to accommodate very short lots and orders. A cycle time of 9 seconds even for the minimum-size orders.

Up Stacker


We have three models to accommodate your specific production needs.

Model Up Stacker
Up Stacker
Up Stacker
Continuous Machine Speed 250m/min. 300m/min. *1
Order Change Cicle Time 9 sec 13 sec 16 sec
Max. Paper Width 2,200mm 2,200mm 2,500mm
Min. Paper Width Half of Max. Paper Width
Max. Stack Cutting Length 3,100mm or 3,600mmiSelectionj
Min. Stack Cutting Length 550mm
Window Creation Method Conveyor Acceleration
Window Creation Mechanism 6 Spring Plates and Vacuum Conveyor
Sheet Stacking Method Based at lifterfs center
Stacking Height Specifiable by Number of Sheets
Machine Length 20,000mm`

*1 For the 300m/minute model, a double-separator conveyer is used. Top speeds may be limited by cut
@ lengths.
*2 We also have 85 down stacker installations.

Features(Up Stackerj

Cycle time of 13 seconds.
An 11-second cycle time for multi-order stacking.
Accommodates consecutive small lots running at high speeds
Center-based stacking.
Sheet-alignment curtain at the entrance.
Uses vector-inverter motors for the conveyor (no control steps).
Accurate stacking
The pressure amount of the spring plates is automatically controlled.
Scrap-remover device that accommodates the top speed of 300m/min.
Accurate separating at high speeds
Unlike other brands, no pits are needed. Installation costs are reduced

Field Service by Isowa

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