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Mill Roll Stands

With the new three-track system, setup time has been drastically reduced. The Isowa TMS Rollstand is designed for running wide variety of small lots.

Tandem Mill Roll Stand(TMS)


Comparison between the small-footprint TMS and the TMS-L for large rolls.

Model Tandem Mill Roll Stand
Tandem Mill Roll Stand
Maximum Paper Width 1,800mm(2,000mm)1,800 2,000 2,200 2,500mm
Maximum Paper Diameter 1,300mm1,500mm
Minimum Paper Diameter 200mm200mm
Machine Length in Running
Number of Installation 99(Up to Dec. 31, 2005)41(Up to Dec. 31, 2005)

* For a 2000mm-width machine


Using three tracks, roll setup time is much shorter than those for a two-track system

Utilizing three tracks, each track has exclusively used for moving in or moving out Roll setup time (*1) has been drastically reduced (by about 70 seconds).
The lifter moves up to align the core with the chucks. Automatic chucking handles rolls with a diameter as small as 200mm.
Automatic running alignment and butt roll rewinder are both standard equipment. High quality, high performance production even with the standard equipment.
The outside (moving in) tracks can be installed to the drive side or the operator side. Installation and machine layout flexibly conforms to the facilities space requirements.

* “Roll setup time” = Duration from a splice to the completion of the next roll’s setup.

Time Chart for Paper Roll Change

The time chart below shows the breakdown of the setup time reduction.

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Customer’s Voice

Read an actual comment by a customer with Tandem Mill Rollstands.


Please see the automatic chucking illustration and a video of a TMS in actual operation.

Comparison on Chucking Method

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Conventional Type(BMS Series)

The conventional two-track system (BMS) is also available.

Field Service by Isowa

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