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Slitter Scorers "HSS5"

Super fast setup with a motor for each head. Since each slitter head has its own schedulable sharpener, only those blades needing sharpening are sharpened, ensuring optimum slitting conditions and no unnecessary sharpening.



The two-unit HSS4 is our high-speed order change model. Derived from that concept is our one-unit Slitter Scorer HSS5, a first in the industry.

Model Slitter Scorer
Number of Unit 1
Basic Structure 1 Unit 3 Axis each for Top and Bottom
(Scorer, Scorer, Slitter)
Maximum Paper
Maximum Slit
Minimum Slit Width 190mm
Number of Slitter
Outside Diameter
of Slitter Knife
Round BladeF260mm
Maximum Number
of Outs
4`8/Unit Outs
Minimum width
between Scores
Maximum Number
of Scores
iUp to 20 Scorers with Automatic Auxiliary Scorer Unitj
Trim Shear Hyper Trim Changer as Standard
Overall Dimensions *
Number of
26(Up to Dec.31.2007)

* Only for a 2,000mm-width 5 out machine (one unit only). Trim Shears, Trim Ducts and Dust Collectors are not included.


We were again the first in the industry to develop a high-speed one-unit Slitter Scorer.

First one-unit Slitter Scorer in the world. A space saver at a low cost.
Average order change time of 0.3 seconds. Although a one-unit machine, only one sheet is lost per order change. (Only a one meter loss at 200m/min.)
With the standard Hyper Changer, trim can be automatically processed consecutively. Reducing the possibility of jamups almost to zero. Very high-precision control and alignment is very accurate.
Servo motors are used for blade engagement and also for the fine adjustment of blade engagement depth. Use the as much of the blades as possible.
The scrap sheet at an order change can be used as a tie sheet for the order. May achieve loss of zero in reality.

0.3-second Average Positioning Time for each head

Explaination of how ISOWA reduced the order change loss in the slitter scorer.

  1. Agile movements assuring high accuracy
    >> Moving parts are made of the lightest materials for the required strength.
    >> All movements are servo-motor driven.
  2. Limited the load/unload travel distance for instant loading and unloading.

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Continuous Trim by Hyper Trim Changer (HSS5:Patent Pending)

Continuous Trim

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Customerfs Voice

A comment from an HSS5 customer


See the internal structure of the worldfs first one-unit slitter scorer.

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