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Our high-precision, high-speed singlefacers. Since they are beltless, maintenance costs and resources can be reduced drastically.

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In the CF40, our flagship model, the corrugating rolls are completely housed in a cartridge. This enables a flute change in ten to 15 minutes. In the narrower-width CF50, the same technologies are housed in a fixed-flute singlefacer frame.

Model Beltless Singlefacer
Beltless Singlefacer
Max. Sheet Width 2,800mm2,000mm
Top Production Speed
Flute Change
iCartridge Typej
Overall Dimensions
Number of Installations 22
iUp to Dec. 31, 2005j
iUp to Dec. 31, 2005j

*1 Top production speeds may vary depending on surrounding equipment.
*2 For a 2000mm-width machine


Our aim was to create a simple-concept singlefacer that offered high performance and low maintenance.

Eliminated the costly consumable belt
With the optional Tungsten-Carbide covered rolls, the life of the roll is multiplied.
Reduced maintenance costs
The initial bond is made by the gLight Nip Press.h High speeds even for heavy sheets.
Enlarged upper corrugaitng roll lengthens the contact between the roll and the single-faced web. Same sheet strength as the conventional pressure-roll mechanism.
Due to the reduced pressure amount of the Light Nip Press, vibration and noise is reduced. Able to produce high-quality sheets
The Light Nip Press concept uses only 25 to 33 percent of the pressure used in the conventional pressure-roll system. Very light pressure lines
Less operator intervention is needed because of the Automatic Pressure Control. Highly automated

Click here for Structure of the Light Nip Press Concept

Comparison with Belt Press Type

Beltless Typeihrnv`j Belt Press TypeiOtherj
BondingiHigh Speed,
Heavy Paperj
Sheet Quality
Pressure Mark
User Friendliness,
Labor Cost
Maintenance Cost,

A high-performance machine that is operator friendly. The beltless CF40 and CF50 enable reduced running costs. Because of the Light Nip Press, pressure lines are greatly reduced.

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Check out the Isowa Singlefacersf simple, yet high performance design.

Cartridge TypeiCF40j

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Non-Cartridge TypeiCF50j

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Field Service by Isowa

We are very proud to have service that is as good as our machines. Please click here to find out more about Isowafs field service.

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Corrugator Equipment (Wet End)

Corrugator Equipment (Dry End)

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