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Corrugating Rolls with Tungsten-Carbide Finish

Isowa's corrugating rolls with tungsten-carbide finish have always performed exceptionally. The life of a corrugating roll can be more than twice as long as a conventional chrome-plated roll

Tungsten Carbide Coated Corrugating Roll


Our corrugating rolls have always received much accolades from customers

Diameter 320mm400mm
Life (Linear Meters) Average 54,000,000m
Average 60,000,000m
Number of Installation 278setsiUp to Dec. 31, 2005j


Average life is more than doubled due to the highly-wear-resistant Tungsten-Carbide coating. Drastic reduction in running and maintenance costs
Able to run faster and longer compared to the conventional chrome-plated roll. Higher quality and longer life with lower loss ratio
Unlike chrome plating, no toxic run off is associated with Tunsten-Carbide. Easy on the environment

Comparison with Hard Chrome Plating

A comparison chart showing lengths of reliable service between the chrome-plated roll and the Tungsten-Carbide coated roll

Comparison with Hard Chrome Plating

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Customerfs Voice

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Isowa will gladly resurface any brand corrugating rolls with Tungsten-Carbide coating

Field Service by Isowa

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