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CCTI(Corrugator Constant Tension Infeed)

Installed at the splicer exit point, the CCTI eliminates the tension variation at a splice resulting in more stable production.

Tandem Mill Roll StandiTMSj


A product unique to Isowa. This is a solution to an age-old problem derived to with Isowafs experience and know-how.

Model CCTIiTension Control Devicej
Maximum Paper Speed For Liner 400m/min.
For Medium 620m/min.
Applicable Paper Grade 115`440g/‡u
Overall Dimensions *
Number of Installation 23unitsiUp to Dec. 31, 2005j

* For a 2000mm-width machine


As corrugatorsf speeds increased over the years, so has the tension variation at splices. By eliminating the tension variation, the CCTI solves all problems associated with the tension variation.

Because there is no tension variation, c

The liner and medium wrap preheaters more consistently. Bonding problems are eliminated.
The tension amount of the liner going into the single facer and the double facer are always within tolerance. Warp is more easily controlled.
The tension amount of the medium going into the singlefacer is always within tolerance. No more flute breakage or flute deformation in the singlefacer
Eliminates walking. No more wrinkling on the liner or medium.
Can be installed on other brandsf splicers. Easy upgrading even for customers with other brandsf splicers.

Simple Operation, Stability and Safety

CCTI Tension Comparison Graph

Tension was measured before and after the CCTI

Customerfs Voice

A comment from a CCTI customer.


Watch how the CCTI absorbs tension variations.

Overall View

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