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Isowafs patented drag-bar system delivers speedy and consistent splicing

Splicer ICSU-C

Splicer LTS


ModelSplicer ICSV-C Splicer ICSSplicer LTS
Max. Roll Diameter 1,300mm or 1,500mm
Max. Paper Speed at
Max. Paper Speed at
Tail Grabbing
Tension Control DeviceBuilt-inOptionOption
Splice Overlap Max. 10mm with 50mm Tape
Paper Basis Weight 115`440g/u *

* gPlease notify if your desired speed is more than 400m/minute.


The patented Drag Bar system is highly reliable in catching the tail Reliable tail grabbing even at high speeds
With the use of the unique Nip Bar, the outgoing rollfs speed is zero at splicing. The zero speed ensures reliable splicing
Our experience with 1500 splicers has resulted in our unique design and construction, Can splice even the heaviest wide-width rolls.
After the initial splice with the nip bar, a nip roller will doubly ensure a strong splice. The double nipping guarantees strong splices.
The vacuum blower for the nip bar only comes on when setting up the new roll. Reduces power usage
All splicers come with Isowafs unique tension controller (ICSV-C). Keeps an optimum tension at all times.

Field Service by Isowa

We are very proud to have service that is as good as our machines. Please click here to find out more about Isowafs field service.

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Corrugator Equipment (Wet End)

Corrugator Equipment (Dry End)

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