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Corrugator Production Controller

The IEM01 is a one-unit controller for the entire corrugator. It realizes high performance while reducing the loss ratio.

Corrugator Production ControlleriIEM01j


Introducing the IEM01, the model that carries on the legacy of the WEM21 and DEM21.

ModelCorrugator Production ControlleriIEM01j
Maximum Order Number2,000
Maximum Order Number
of Production Record
Maximum Lot Length99,999m
Maximum Order Length99,999m
Minimum Lot Length50m
Minimum Order Length *1Approx. 10m{Slitter Scorer Set-up Time *2
Minimum Number of
Sheet Per Order
2 sheets iNo Slitting Orderj
Method of Scrap Sheet
Length at Order Change
Variable Cut Length to Minimize Loss at Order Change
Top Controllable Speed400m/min.
Overall Dimensions

*1 Amount of scrap may be increased depending on the capabilities of the slitter and line speeds.
*2 No setup time is needed for the Isowa HSS5.


Great for small-lot-heavy operations. It promises steady productivity and reduction in operator intervention.

Great for operations with small lots. Meeting the customersf need for small-lot production
Calculates the highest possible running speed by considering the highest bonding speed. An increased average speed while the average number of operators is decreasing.
Internal electronics are constructed with industrial-grade materials. More reliable and stable.
Highly programmable to accommodate your unique production needs. There are more than 5000 customer-selectable parameters. Less frequent speed changes in automatic means more stable bonding.
Isowa has a long history of interfacing with other manufacturersf control devices, including 46 such interfaces for the WEM21 and DEM21 only. Can control other manufacturersf corrugators also.
A very flexible external interface. Less office intervention is needed as it can connect to most office computer systems.
Remote on-line troubleshooting available with optional Internet connector. Faster diagnosis of problems mean shorter downtime.

Operation Screens on IEM01

View some screenshots of the IEM01

Touch Operation Panel

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Order List

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Slitter Scorer Heads Position

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Customerfs Voice

A comment from a IEM01 customer.
*This customer also purchased an HSS5 and CUS2 (Corrugator Upstacker) at the same time.

Field Service by Isowa

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With the optional IEM01, an even higher performance is achieved.

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With the optional IEM01, an even higher performance is achieved.

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