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Flexo Folder Gluers "IBIS" (Open/Close Type, Fixed Type )

The IBIS is a flexo folder gluer, capable of producing multiple types of boxes.


You have a choice of the accent color.

General features

Machine size ranges from 2400mm to 3000mm, 3 sizes are available.

Special features

The IBIS has been developed to make so called impossible orders to possible, with the following concept.
The IBIS responds to wide range of production needs.
The IBIS is equipped with many new technologies.
The IBIS has many selective options for customerfs optimization.

Inking System (Patented)

The SuperFlex Plus Inking System - with faster color changes and minimal emission - is standard.

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Field Service by Isowa

We are very proud to have service that is as good as our machines. Please click here to find out more about Isowafs field service.

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