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Fixed Type Flexo Folder Gluers "FALCON"

Whatever your needs may be,
we have the right Flexo Folder Gluer for you.

Flexo Folder Gluer

You have a choice of the accent color.

Flexo Folder Gluer Colors


The Falcon is our fastest FFG with capabilities for standard to smaller boxes.

Model Fixed Printer FFG
Size 2400 2100
Max. production Speed 350 Sheet/min
Max. sheet size 930mm~2,415mm
(1,250mm *1~2,415mm)
(1,250mm *1~2,115mm)
Max. print size 900mm~2,250mm 900mm~1,950mm
Min. sheet size 230mm~775mm
*1Dimensions for skip feed are only with Dual Slotter(Option)


Introducing the advantages of the Falcon, Isowafs fastest Flexo Folder Gluer.

1. Feeder
Eliminated the Ram Slider in the Feeder.
The Crank Mechanism is sectional driven per sub units.
Momentum movement is reduced by 50 percent to drastically reduce vibration for fast, stable feeding.
2. Printer
Utilization of Vacuum Transfer Eliminates wear due to belt friction.
Tungsten-Carbide coated transfer rollers securely grasps the sheets.
Suction is active at the pressure roll.
Sheet skewing is reduced.
Utilization of the SuperFlex Plus Inking System (Patented). Ink loss is minimized. Lost ink per color change is only 5-7 OUNCES.Ink is returned to the bucket in 2 minutes and 50 seconds.
The Automatic Ink Viscosity Controller(Patented) is equipped on every printer. One fewer thing that an operator has to watch for.
3. Creaser Slotter
More accurate positioning thanks to the use of linear bearing to hold the yoke. More accurate creasing and cleaner slotting
All shafts are supported in the side frames and in the middle. Eliminates shaft sagging and enables more accurate and clearer creases.
4. Folder Gluer
Motorized guide rolls with a memory function. Improve joint accuracy and reduce fish-tailing
Edge Opener(Optional) Reduce skew on the front side of the box
Great improvement in manufacturer's joint accuracy
5. Counter Ejector
Utilization of a One-Stage Counter Ejecter Eliminates slippage and misaligned stacks

Inking System@iPatentedj

The SuperFlex Plus Inking System\with faster color changes and minimal emission\is standard on the Falconfs FP50 printers.

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Customerfs Voice iFALCONj

Comments from a Falcon user

 NITTOH Co.,Ltd.
Our productivity jumped dramatically after we installed the ISOWA's Falcon. With our previous machine, it was only able to handle around 90 orders with two-shift operation. However, since introducing the Falcon, we easily exceed 100 orders of production with single-shift operation. The reason for this is the dramatically reduced set-up time during an order change. As a result, integrating production of regular slotted containers on the Falcon creates spare capacity in other processes, achieving a synergy throughout the entire factory. We also cut our ink purchasing costs by 38%, which should save about 5 million yen a year. We are achieving stable product quality, for instance, we have not received any complaints from customers since the cuts made by the slotter improved.
Mr.Fukushima, Production Manager Mr.Falcon Chief Operator
Mr.Fukushima, Production Manager Mr.Falcon Chief Operator

 Minato Group
We easily achieve production of 300 sheets per minute with stable joint accuracy and hope to get even more production, if the pre-feeder and robot palletizer can keep up. We maintained "zero complaints" over two months after introducing the machine and are proud to make sales pitches to our regular customers. We have upgraded any number of machines but the Falcon achieved stable production from the start and we recorded previously unheard-of astounding figures for average speed, set-up time, and production quantity.

We are extremely proud of our decision to select the Falcon.
Mr.Hashizume,Factory Manager Mr.Iwaeda, Advisor
Mr.Hashizume,Factory Manager Mr.Iwaeda, Advisor

Field Service by Isowa

We are very proud to have service that is as good as our machines. Please click here to find out more about Isowafs field service.

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