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Jumbo Flexo Printer Slotter

For Sheet Sizes up to 2,200mm~4,050mm

Jumbo Flexo Folder Gluer


Model FP7G FP72
Machine production speed 90Blanks/min. 110Blanks/min.
Max. size of Blank 2,050mm~4,050mm 1,550mm~3,635mm
Max. size of Blank
by skip Feed
2,200mm~4,050mm 1,800mm~3,635mm
Max. printing size 2,190mm~3,880mm 1,600mm~3,500mm
Min. size of Blank *1 500mm~1,145mm 430mm~935mm
Machine size *2
10,838mm~8,110mm 8,675mm~6,850mm

*1 At the Production for regular slotted container - RSC
*2 At the 3 color printing


Be more efficient with capabilities of processing much larger blanks.

The Swing Slotter Knife mechanism where the slotter knife "hides" in a holder. Enables processing of the largest blanks without removing blades.
Equipped with the SuperFlex Plus Inking System(Patent Pending) The effects of ink loss reduction is even more pronounced in a large machine like this.

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